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The Dancing Valkyrie begins the story about Mary Hoffman, aka Erica, an erotic, topless dancer in Schenectady, NY, who becomes a living vampire of flesh and blood while on a hike in the Adirondacks of Northern New York.

The novel takes an unconventional view of vampires, imagining them as real creatures who can pass for being human both day and night. They breathe and have heart beats as do humans or any other creature. They eat real food but do require blood from predators and since humans are the most numerous of the world’s predators, they limit the taking of the blood they need to humans.

In an odd sort of way, this makes the story an environmental story. The vampires could take the blood they need from lions, tigers and wolves but since their numbers are limited and they are in danger of extinction, the vampires limit the taking of the blood they need from humans.

Some may find these stories troublesome and even offensive because there is more explicit sex scenes than are are scenes of violence.

Because these vampires are sexually active but cannot procreate in the human way, they are bisexual among themselves and with humans. They just love sex and don’t care all that much about who they have sex with, male or female, human or vampire.

Sex is often the lure they use to get a human in a situation where they can easily take the blood they need – usually only after giving the human victim the best sex they ever had before they die.

Follow the exploits of Mary in the novels starting with the Dancing Valkyrie, then move on with her in The Vampire Valkyrie, And God Created Vampires, and The Blood Red Pleasure.

The books are available in print from many online bookstores including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In ebook format they are only available from Amazon.

To check out and maybe start the journey, go to: http://amzn.to/1ITpdUo

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Publishing facts

Publishing facts

There are about 1.2 million books published each year in the US. Nielson Bookscan tracked the records for 2004 and came up with that number. The rest of the statistics:

  1. Of those 1.2 million books, 950,000 sold fewer than 99 copies.
  2. Another 200,000 sold fewer than 1,000 copies.
  3. Only 25,000 books sold more than 5,000 copies.
  4. Fewer than 500 sold more than 100,000 copies.
  5. Only 10 books sold more than a million copies each.
  6. The average book in the US sells about 500 copies

Traditional Publishers

Typically, an author can expect to receive the following royalties:

Hardback edition: 10% of the retail price on the first 5,000 copies; 12.5% for the next 5,000 copies sold, then 15% for all further copies sold. Paperback: 8% of retail price on the first 150,000 copies sold, then 10% thereafter.

How many books on Amazon?

The latest rough estimate and growing is: Paperbacks 22.9m, Hardcover 8.1M and Kindle 1.2m


Print on demand with digital technology is used as a way of printing items for a fixed cost per copy, regardless of the size of the order. While the unit price of each physical copy printed is higher than with offset printing, the average cost is lower for very small print runs, because setup costs are much higher for offset printing.

POD has other business benefits besides lower costs (for small runs): Technical set-up is usually quicker than for offset printing. Large inventories of a book or print material do not need to be kept in stock, reducing storage, handling costs, and inventory accounting costs. There is little or no waste from unsold products.

These advantages reduce the risks associated with publishing books and prints, and can lead to increased choice for consumers.

How many POD publishers are there? Many! Here are just a few

AuthorHouse, Aventine Press, Blurb, CreateSpace, iUniverse, Infinity Publishing, Lightning Source, Lulu, Luminare Press LLC, Outskirts Press, Replica Books, Virtual Bookworm, Wordclay, and Xlibris.

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SPECULATOR–The Friends of the Lake Pleasant Library is hosting a Meet-the-Author event at the Oak Mountain Holiday Fair on Friday, Dec. 12, starting at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Pete Klein from Indian Lake will be the special guest author. He has written four vampire novels set in the Adirondacks (“The Dancing Valkyrie”, “The Vampire Valkyrie”, “And God Created Vampires” and “Blood Red Pleasure”) as well as the guide book “Adirondack Hikes in Hamilton County.”

At 6 p.m. he will be speaking on “How to Self-Publish” as well as discussing his books. The books will be on sale at a special price. Buy One, Get one Free! Just in time for Christmas!

Pete will be signing copies of his books and he has graciously offered to donate half the proceeds from all books sold to the Friends of the Lake Pleasant Library toward the library’s children’s programs and cultural and community events.

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Countdown deal on Amazon for novel And God Created
Increment 1 $0.99 Sep 26, 2014 08:00 AM (PST)
Increment 2 $1.99 Sep 27, 2014 08:00 AM (PST)
Increment 3 $2.99 Sep 28, 2014 08:00 AM (PST)

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There are two problems with printed books. both soft cover and hard cover, both of which I happen to like.
Cost is the number one problem. The second problem is weight.
If you own a lot of books like I do, you quickly realize how much they weigh when you move. Coming up to the Adirondacks or anyplace else and it’s much easier to lug along your Kindle than it is to bring more than a couple of books. If you buy books online as many do, you instantly can start reading the ebook while you have to wait a week to have the printed version shipped. If you pay for faster shipping, the cost of the printed book goes way up.
You say you don’t like reading digital? That is exactly what you are doing right now. Yes, printed books are nice. I love them so much that I have several sitting on one of my many bookshelves that I have never read. They look nice sitting there and I encourage you to buy your print books from me and while you are at it, you can also download the ebook version for when you feel you don’t want to carry the print when you go on vacation.
All of Peter Klein’s vampire novels are now on sale with new book covers for The Dancing Valkyrie and The Vampire Valkyrie.
Currently, Klein has four vampire novels in print and also available as ebooks on Amazon.
It was on May 21 that the new vampire novel – Blood Red Pleasure – became available in print and as ebook.
Blood Red Pleasure is available on Amazon at $12.59 in paperback and $3.99 in ebook and is available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/1499139659
The Dancing Valkyrie is available on Amazon at $12.59 in paperback and $2.99 in ebook and is available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/1440432198
The Vampire Valkyrie is available on Amazon at $12.59 in paperback and $2.99 in ebook is available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/1452877793
And God Created Vampires is available on Amazon at $12.59 in paperback and $2.99 in ebook is available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/1477527451
Also, with the summer tourist season approaching, the guide book to trails and things to do in the Adirondacks of Hamilton County, N.Y., – Adirondack Hikes in Hamilton County – is available on Amazon at $12.59 in paperback and $4.99 in ebook and is available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/1453608141

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I confess. I like being naked. For about eight hours a day, I am naked because I sleep in the nude, primarily because I find pajamas to be uncomfortable. The only time I do wear pajamas to bed is when I have a bad cold or when I get up in the middle of the night and put them on go to the kitchen for something to eat.

I don’t believe there is anything wrong with being naked or even being seen naked. To me, there is nothing to be ashamed about being nude. After all, we are all born naked and odds are someone will see us nude while our dead body is prepared for the grave.

I think being ashamed of being nude comes from frequently being told when young to put something on, get dressed, get decent. Little children don’t care until they are told to care.

The other problem with being naked are feelings of vulnerability. You can’t hide anything when you are naked. I understand the feeling but I don’t believe it is entirely justified because people can’t better see into your head when you are naked. In fact, if you are grounded and clear in your head, and not ashamed of being seen naked, the clothed person who sees you naked does not have an automatic advantage over you. They could be the one who is embarrassed.

I just posted a photo on the photo album page here that shows me almost nude. Actually, I was nude when I took the photo but cropped it so it wouldn’t show all of me. I cropped not because I would be ashamed of anyone seeing me naked. I cropped it only because I didn’t want to risk the site being taken down because of some rules I might violate and I didn’t want to make it an only 18 and above adult web site.

To sum up, I just don’t know why we make such a big deal about nudity. Maybe, what it is all about is the war that exists in our minds. The naked body is a reminder to the brain that its existance depends upon a body and it sees the body as an affront to its claimed superiority.

This was originally written for my web page http://petekleinvampires.com/

and the photo mentioned can be viewed there if you so choose. 

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Quite simply, I don’t believe in any supernatural monsters. I believe any creature that did, does or could exist would be natural.
I don’t believe vampires that look human do exist but if they were to exist, then they might be very much like the vampires I write about. This is why one of the titles for my third vampire novel was titled “And God Created Vampires.”
Second main thought in writing these vampire stories is my firm belief that if they were to exist, they would have every right to live as vampires. No apologies. No excuses. Their thoughts would be their thoughts. Their ways would be their ways. Just as a tiger or a wolf have no reason to feel “immoral” because they kill other living creatures, my vampires are not immoral just because they kill humans when they take blood. 

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