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Money to blow

I see where the government is thinking of sending all tax payers some money. Maybe as much as $800. Our fearless leaders are afraid there is or might be a recession and they hope this will jump start the economy – get people to spend money to revive the economy.
I think I’m like everyone. I’ll take the money (They took from me) but I have no intention to shop till I drop.
My plan, and maybe it should be the plan for many, is to pay down or off some credit cards. Tax time is coming and if you owe the IRS some money, you might just as well use your money to pay them. The price of fuel oil propane and electric getting you down? How about paying those bills and getting your tanks filled up so you don’t freeze to death?
In other word, unless you are rich, be smart with this money if it comes. Don’t go out and buy junk from China! Be smarter than our elected officials by lowering your debts.
That’s my plan. What’s yours?

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