Tax the Rich

Tax the Rich

Not really. They, like everyone else, is already being taxed.
But those Democrats, Liberals and Progressives who are always yelling the rich should pay more seem to be avoiding the obvious solution.
Why not ask the millionaire news reporters, senators, member of congress, actors, singers, musicians, football, basketball and baseball players to stop seeking ways to legally reduce their taxes and pony up, put their money where their mouths are and donate most of their money to the IRS, thus reducing taxes for the “little people” they claim to care deeply about.

Why I Prefer Belief

This may sound a bit strange but I believe there are a lot of reasons to favor believing over knowing.
Believing in its truest and most basic form is admitting you don’t know. It’s more humble to say you believe than to say you know.
Believing is mostly about feeling. Believing is warm. Knowing is cold.
Sometimes people will say they know something when they should be saying they believe something.
Believing implies risk. You could be wrong. But when you say you know when in fact you don’t know, the risk is greater. Claiming to know, then learning you were wrong can be devastating in ways believing seldom is. Believing then learning you were wrong hurts but is not as devastating because your heart was in the right place.
No one knows whether or not there truly is a God. Believing or not believing are the only two choices. A positive belief will always trump a negative belief and the only thing worse than a negative belief is claiming to know what you don’t know.
Believe in love. Believe in life. Believe in yourself and the people you love. Believe you are loved.

Free Ebook

Free vampire book

I recently published the Second Edition of my first vampire novel – The Dancing Valkyrie.
This new edition is slightly updated with corrections to a few minor typos.
The printed book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other online book sellers, and has a suggested list price of $11.99.
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Global Warming Primer

Global warming primer
Call it Global Warming. Call it Climate Change. Call it whatever you want to call it but don’t be fooled by those advocating something must be done to stop it and save the world from a climate disaster.
Al Gore, the Pope and Bill McKibben will wag their fingers and flap their mouths to warn you of the dangers and tell you it is all your fault. But it isn’t.
They are correct about one thing while being wrong about just about everything else they say.
They are correct when they say humans are the primary cause of Global Warming/Climate Change. They are wrong when they try to convince you that you can solve the problem by “going green” and by supporting their push to stop mining coal, drilling for oil and natural gas, and trading in your car for a bicycle.
None of those things will accomplish anything so long as the human population continues to grow.
More and more humans create the demand for more and more energy and that demand far outstrips the energy that can be supplied by wind turbines and solar panels. Perhaps even more important is the fact that more and more humans destroy planet Earth for all animal and plant life.
Adding more and more humans to the planet is like adding more and more people to a sinking ship while claiming to save everyone by simply bailing water from the sinking ship with a tea cup .
Solar panels and wind mills are the tea cups that will not save planet earth.
The only solution is to stop and then reverse the number of humans on the planet.

The problem with the Euro zone is its attempt to be USA Lite. It’s as though the Europeans think they can become sort of like the USA by having a common currency and making it easy to go from one country to another, thus treating countries as though they were states in the USA. But they leave out a key ingredient to what makes the USA the USA – namely a common language. Other key ingredients include a common culture and a common history.
Now in fairness to the Europeans, I should point out there are citizens of the USA that would like to model the USA after the mess Europe has become. They want weak borders. They don’t want a common language or common culture. They are working diligently to divide the people of the USA into competing communities (black, gay, hispanic, muslim, etc.) – get rid of the “melting pot” concept and create something they call a tossed salad.
The talk as though one religion is no better nor worse than any other religion because they really don’t like any religion. Sorry Muslims, they don’t like you. They just say they support you because they want to downgrade Christians. Given time, they will come after you. But then the Jihadists already know this.
I can’t read the future but I do have some concerns. I wonder if the USA will be recognizable or even exist a hundred years from now. I doubt we will dare call ourselves Number One a hundred years from now. That title will probably go to China and or maybe even Russia. Why do I see a future from them and not the USA? Because neither country has any interest in multiculturalism. They insist on being Chinese or Russians, and have no interest in accommodating those who would destroy them.

The Dancing Valkyrie free Chapter 1
Below is the first Chapter of the novel – The Dancing Valkyrie.
To read more, go to Amazon where it is available in print for $13.55 or as an ebook for $2.99

Chapter 1

“If you like what you do, do it. There is absolutely no reason to change your life, Mary,” Joseph Gottsched was saying to Mary Hoffman in the great dining hall of his castle in the Adirondacks where he sat with his wife Elizabeth next to him on a leather sofa. Mary was sitting opposite of them on the raised hearth stone of the massive fireplace. The stone was almost cold to sit on, not having been warmed much by the sun that was now setting and casting the last of its rays into the castle.
Mary smiled and thought, “No reason to change my life?” But that thought was quickly replaced by thinking of how beautiful Joseph and Elizabeth Gottsched were, especially Elizabeth whom Mary had come to think of as Beth, her Beth.
Beth was sultry in a Mediterranean way with some Gypsy and Spanish blood in her. She was svelte in figure, had long black hair, yet exuded an aura of strength beyond the smallness of her frame. Joseph had about him a curious blend of European handsomeness and world weariness. Were it not for Mary’s experiences of the past few days, her eyes might have focused upon Joseph. She thought he was cute. But things had happened and those things tended to cause Mary to view Joseph as a rival.
Yes, there was about him a little boy’s innocence and youthfulness that floated on a nonchalant attitude most strikingly seen in the way his eyes twinkled and his lips seemed almost always ready to break his usual seriousness with a smile. He was neither short nor tall, neither fat nor thin, had black hair like his wife, though not as long, and in the proper lighting, he could almost be mistaken for being a brother rather than a husband to his wife. Beth and Joseph appeared to be in their late twenties or early thirties at most. But in their cases, in more ways than one, appearances could be very deceiving.
With glass of red wine in one hand and cigarette in the other, Beth said, “Show Joseph how well you dance, Mary. You know I won’t mind. You know how I love to watch you dance.”
Mary laughed, “Here?”
“Obviously,” Elizabeth said. “Oh! I suppose you would like some music, even though I know you don’t need it. I’ll put something on.”
Mary shrugged her shoulders and stood. Why not? Her world had gone totally crazy over the last few days and dancing might restore some degree of normalcy. She watched Elizabeth look through a pile of CDs next to the CD player on a nearby table and suggested, “Something moody but with a good beat. And not slow. Afro-pop or something like that. Rock is good too.”
“Yes,” Joseph agreed.
“And I give a rat’s ass?” Mary thought and started to dance, not waiting for the music to begin. She really didn’t need music to dance. It was in her head, even more so since meeting Beth on the trail. But it was difficult to understand the idea of since, the idea that she was no longer who she had thought she was and had become who she really was. Then again, maybe she was only dreaming the events of the past few days. Yes, no, maybe. “Screw it. I like this,” she told herself as she slipped into the mind set of an erotic dancer.
The black dress she was wearing -silky, clingy, showing all her curves -was a delightful dress for the type of dancing she did for a living. It was not her dress. Beth had given it to her to wear because all she had to wear were the hiking clothes she had packed for her hike in the northern wilds of New York on the Northville/Lake Placid trail. She had not planned on dancing. She had not planned on meeting Beth on the trail and then being invited to stay at a castle on a private lake deep within the forest. She had not planned for anything that had happened since meeting Beth.
Mary was already moving languidly, sensuously, when the New Age African beat reached her ears and where she quickly translated it into her flesh and blood. She closed her eyes and took herself to the erotic dance club where she worked in Schenectady. Sway and regain my balance, she thought. Be who I really am.
When she opened her eyes, she saw Beth and Joseph were sitting side by side again while watching her dance. She noticed but did not care that Joseph had one hand resting casually on one knee of Beth’s and had an arm draped over her shoulders. They did make a beautiful couple. So what? Fuck him!
But it was Beth’s eyes Mary’s eyes focused upon. It was Beth’s eyes that had first trapped her on the trail and were now trapping her again to dance her sexy best. Joseph did not really matter, she told herself, other than for the fact that he was proof Beth had good taste when it came to picking a man to marry. And how could she possibly blame Beth for picking a man who had given Beth so much more than the wealth this castle exemplified. Just look at them, she thought. Neither looked to be past their early thirties. How could she or anyone believe both were hundreds of years old? But Mary did believe and was now almost willing to believe she too could live a very long life without aging, maybe even live long enough to see the end of the United States if not the end of the world.
Mary smiled, undid the spaghetti straps holding up her dress, let the dress fall, let it slide down past her breasts, slip past her hips, let it fall to the floor and step out of it, kicking it out of the way and sending it sailing to land on Joseph’s lap. Yes! It was very definitely enjoyable to be feeling so very much alive!

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